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The Secret Society of WarCraft II

WarCraft II... Cast in a time when the pace was slower, life was simpler, weapons were real, good and evil evident .... but yet, with a touch of magic. WarCraft II takes but a few hours to learn yet can take months to master. This "classic" on-line RTS game is still playable today... it just might be true.

Reduced to a secret society of WarCraft players who, while we have moved on to other games, remain loyal to our cause. What cause you may ask... that's the secret.

About all that is left

(We used have some great web sites with a lot of very dedicated players in WC2. Most are long gone now but not forgotten. For many of us, it was the beginning of our love of on-line gaming.)

Warcraft II Combat (The last server in the World for WC2)
My Abandonware
Case's Ladder
Aragorn and Natedog's War2 Page
Telcontar's Domain
WarMaker: A Warcraft II Random Map Generator
Telcontar's PUD Universe

Sounds of Glory

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